Adastra agrees to provide to the resident the following:

A clean, safe, drug-free living environment for adult men (age 18 and over).
A bi-monthly process group.
1 mandatory on-site house meeting per week.
Information and referral services for connection to needed community resources including 12 step meetings, financial assistance, counseling, employment assistance, etc.
A House Manager who will assist residents with accountability and serve as liaison to owner of Adastra

The resident agrees to the following:

Abstain from all mind-altering substances unless prescribed by a medical doctor
Submit to random drug and alcohol testing
Attend all house meetings.
Actively engage a treatment, peer support, or accountability program of the resident’s choice, and submit documentation of such for approval by owner of Adastra
Adhere to all house rules.
Take care of personal space and do weekly house chores responsibly

Failure to strictly adhere to the House Rules and all other Agreements will result in the termination of residency and loss of all payments and deposits.

All rules and regulations are subject to additions and changes.

Any resident who is aware of a rules infraction must notify the House Manager.


  • Being under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • Possession of alcohol/drugs
  • Possession of weapons
  • Verbal or physical threats, acts of violence, or fighting
  • Property theft or destruction
  • Failure to submit a U/A
  • Criminal activity

Appropriate Behavior

  • Rules of common courtesy, respect, cleanliness, and cooperation are in order.
  • Residents are expected to be clean, courteous, respectful, and good neighbors.
  • There is to be no cussing, no fighting, no screaming, no stealing, no lying, and no behavior that is not conducive to recovery.
  • Intimate relations between residents are not permitted.

House Meetings are Monday nights 7-8:30pm. Attendance is required unless approved in advance by House Manager. All eviction decisions for any rule violations other than those which would be cause for immediate eviction are made by the residents by majority vote. If the residents are unable to come to a majority decision, the House Manager will decide. If the House Manager cannot come to a decision, the information will be presented to the Owner of Adastra who will make the final decision.

Visitors and Guests

  • No guests are allowed on premises without prior approval from the House Manager
  • Guests are allowed in the house between the hours of 9:00 am and 10:00 pm.
  • Guests must abide by all house rules and are expected to be clean, courteous, and sober at all times.
  • Guests may not stay overnight.
  • Guests must be escorted by the host resident, who is responsible for the guest while in the house.
  • Guests are restricted to common areas. The living room, library, dining room, kitchen, and yard are common areas. Guests are not allowed in any bedroom.
  • Guests will be required to vacate the property for any violation of house rules or procedures.

Kitchen and Laundry Room Rules

  • The cooking and clothes washing/drying schedule as well as kitchen storage will be overseen by the House Manager
  • Any cooking done by residents requires immediate clean-up.
  • The clothes washing and drying schedule is overseen by the House Manager.
  • Laundry must be stored in a timely manner.

Self-care: Health, Wellness, and Medications

  • The Resident is required to maintain daily hygiene.
  • Any medical conditions and/or injuries must be brought to the attention of the House Manager.
  • All prescription medications must be securely stored, no controlled substances allowed in the house unless prescribed and taken as such.
  • Over The Counter medications that have an unreadable label will be disposed.

House Chores

  • The Resident is will be assigned daily and weekend chores. These are a mandatory part of your stay.
  • The Resident must kept their room neat and bathroom clean; example: bed made at all times, rugs vacuumed, floors swept, toilets cleaned, kitchen area clean (absolutely no glasses, dishes, forks, knives, spoons,… left in the sink at any time), and any trash disposed of in a timely manner.
  • Trash and recyclables will be taken to the curb in their appropriate containers the night before the city picks it up.

Noise and Neighborhood Courtesy
There will be no congregating outside, no loud music or discussions.
Personal electronic devices are permitted in the house and may be played only with the use of headphones.
Unless an individual home votes otherwise, the house TV must be:
turned off during any meetings at the house
turned off from 9am to 4pm on Monday through Friday
turned off from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am on Monday through Thursday
turned off from 1:00 am to 5:00 am on Saturday and Sunday
The house TV shall be set to the channel which the majority of viewers select.  

Smoking and No Lighting Fires

  • Smoking is not allowed in the House.
  • Smoking on the property is limited to the designated outdoor smoking area which must be kept clean at all times.
  • No fires are to be lite in the fireplace or in- or out-side of the house with the exception of gas pilot appliances and cigarettes.


  • All rooms are subject to inspections at any given time, and any room that does not pass inspection may cause all residents in that room to be evicted.
  • No one is allowed in another resident’s room- period.
  • There are no sharing of clothes, personal property, loaning money, borrowing vehicles, including bikes by either staff or residents.

Parking, Vehicles, and Transportation

  • All vehicles will have current tags and insurance, and this must be verifiable.
  • There will be no storage of vehicles, and no working on vehicles on the premises.
  • Bikes and other modes of transportation must be stored in the appropriate locations and security for these is at your own cost.


  • Mail is to be sorted and placed in each Residents’ room by the House Manager.
  • Opening other people’s mail is a Federal offense. To do so will result in eviction.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Tests will be paid for by Adastra.
  • Either with or without cause, the Resident must submit to a test upon request at any time.
  • Another resident may request someone to be tested, if a person’s behavior warrants it.
  • Failure to agree to a test may result in eviction.

Emergencies and Police Involvement

  • If there is a real emergency, call 911
  • If the House Manager and Owner of Adastra are not notified prior to calling 911, they are to be informed immediately afterwards.
  • Any non-emergency situation that requires police involvement must be discussed with the House Manager or Owner of Adastra before the police are called.

No Pets

  • No pets of any kind are allowed in the house or on the property. This applies to Residents and Visitors
  • If a someone brings a pet onto the property, inform them to remove it immediately and notify the House Manager.
  • Violation of the No Pet policy is grounds for eviction.

Sober Events

  • Management sponsored events maybe schedule from time to time: open houses, Big Book meetings, barbecues, holiday dinners, etc.
  • Resident sponsored events are allowed with prior authorization from House Manager

Rooms, Beds, Linens and Valuables

  • The Resident will be assigned a room and bed. Changing beds within a room or changing assigned rooms is based on seniority and must be approved by the House Manager.
  • The Resident will be provided with a set of sheets, 2 pillows with pillowcases, a blanket, 2 towels, and 2 hand towels. Upon moving out, this inventory must be checked back into the House Manager. The Resident can exchange items with others in the house’s inventory, or choose to use their own.
  • Bring valuables into the house at your own risk. Adastra, it’s owners and staff, and the House Manager are not responsible for the Resident’s personal property. Abandoned property will be kept for 7 days before donating it back to the house or to charity.

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